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Children's book „Young Scientists“

What paths lead to science and what did researchers actually do in their childhood? The answers are as varied as the people themselves.

Circles, semicircles and bars in green, yellow, blue and black against a blue background with a green pattern
Illustration: Marion Blomeyer

You are not born a researcher. But which paths (and detours) actually lead to science? In the book "Young Scientists", which Die Junge Akademie is publishing together with Carl Hanser Verlag, 30 researchers from different disciplines tell of their first encounters and formative experiences in science, of coincidences and decisions, sparks of insight and lasting research interest. About how an outsider in kindergarten can become a professor of computer science. Why, as the daughter of an illiterate woman, one teaches Islamic theology of all things. Or how a legal scholar simply wants to understand why rules are so important for our coexistence. 30 exciting life stories of humanities, social, natural and engineering scientists that inspire and awaken interest in science. Most of those portrayed are active or former members of Die Junge Akademie. In addition, the Islamic scholar and theologian Nimet Şeker is among the researchers portrayed.

Miriam Holzapfel, a cultural scientist, freelance editor and author, went on a journey through the different scientific disciplines, spoke with the scientists and wrote the portraits. The illustrations are by Alexandra Rusitschka, Marion Blomeyer, Eva Hillreiner, Miriam Bröckel and Beppo Albrecht.

The book will be published on 15 May 2023 and is aimed at children aged 12 and over.

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