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diejungeakademie@ home: Aesthetics and Abstraction


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In light of current government advice on coronavirus, the members of the Junge Akademie will continue the event series diejungeakademie@ virtually until further notice.

Aesthetics is considered to be the doctrine of beauty - often linked with sensuality. Aesthetics - so it seems - always requires the perception of spectators. Is there an aesthetic quality to the abstract ideas of architecture, design or mathematical proof? If so, what does "beauty" or "elegance" mean in this context? And if not, how can beauty be distinguished from arbitrariness?

Benedict Esche (Architekt, Kollektiv A, München) und Timo de Wolff (Mathematician, TU Braunschweig) will talk about these and other questions at this evening's event, which is part of the series diejungeakademie@. From different perspectives they seek to approach the relationship between aesthetics and abstraction.

It is an open discussion format in which all participants are welcome to join in the discussion.

The event takes place via Zoom and is held in German. To participate, please register by 5 pm on 17.06.2020 here: www.anmeldung.diejungeakademie.de

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