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Workshop "Artificial Intelligence in Biobanking"


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In science, the use of artificial intelligence has already proven to be a useful technology in several fields of application. Artificial intelligence supports a wide variety of processes in society and technology. The topic of "biobanking" also falls at the interface of society and technology. Biobanking is an important pillar of medical research, as biobanks ensure access to tissue and liquid samples. By collecting, processing and storing human biospecimens and making them available for analysis as needed, biobanks can make a relevant contribution to various medical research questions. At the same time, the topic of "biobanking" is an interdisciplinary one, because it is not only about medical issues, but also about ethical, legal and technical ones.

The aim of the workshop of the Artificial Intelligence research group is to bring biobanking and artificial intelligence closer together. Initial approaches in the area of "digital pathology" already exist, but further fields of application are to be identified in order to optimise biobanking with the help of artificial intelligence and in particular to shed light on its further implications. The focus will be on different aspects, such as IT processes, organisational workflows or quality management measures, but above all on higher-level issues of ethical, legal and social significance.

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