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In light of current government advice on coronavirus, the members of the Junge Akademie will continue the event series diejungeakademie@ virtually until further notice.

Christian Hof, a biologist at the Technical University of Munich, is a guest in the virtual classroom and gives secondary school students insights into a key topic of his discipline. Biodiversity - the variety of life

Even if we are still in the middle of the corona crisis, we must not forget that there are other unresolved global problems. These include climate change, as a matter of course, but also species extinction - the loss of animal and plant species worldwide. And yet what is actually being lost? The diversity of genes, species and habitats on our planet is what we call biodiversity. In a short lecture we will show what this looks like, where it comes from, its distribution on earth and how endangered it is. Afterwards the students have the opportunity to ask further questions.

This offer is designed in particular for teachers of secondary school classes to foster the exchange between academia and school.

The event takes place via Zoom and is held in German. For participation, please register here: www.registrierung.diejungeakademie.de

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