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Cha(lle)nging Perspectives with Gert Scobel


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The research group "The Two Cultures" is concerned with the supposed or actual divide between the humanities and the natural sciences. In a variety of activities, it examines, both historically and in the present, how this distinction affects the self-understanding of the actors involved, what social and disciplinary functions it fulfils and how it influences the scientific process.
Guest of the research group on this evening is Gert Scobel. As philosopher, television journalist, author and, since 2019, with his own YouTube channel, he has repeatedly focused on the natural sciences and humanities. Gert Scobel enjoys a reputation in German-speaking science journalism that few others can match. He sees the opportunities in the transformation of science communication, which he himself advances with various formats.

Which disciplines and topics are preferred subjects of science journalism, and why? To what extent do different subjects and disciplines require different mediation services? And is a demarcation between disciplines relevant for communication at all?

Bettina Keller (Chemistry, FU Berlin), Miriam Akkermann (Musicology, TU Dresden) andFabian Krämer(History of Science, LMU Munich) will discuss these and other questions with Gert Scobel.

The event takes place via Zoom. To participate, please register by 16:00 on 19.08.2020.

The event takes place via Zoom and is held in German. For participation, please register here: www.anmeldung.diejungeakademie.de

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