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  • Workshop „Künstler*innen über Kunst“ ('artists on art')

Workshop „Künstler*innen über Kunst“ ('artists on art')


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In many contexts, artists are called upon to comment on, describe, explain and perhaps also market their own work. Social positioning, identity construction and the development of a certain (linguistic) habitus play a role in this process. How do artists deal with the request to talk about their art? Do they perhaps directly reject practices such as explaining, evaluating and interpreting? And what do they do instead? Does the "ephemeral nature" and "spacelessness" of music require a different language than spatial art such as painting and sculpture, which can be pointed to directly?

The interdisciplinary workshop will provide a forum for dialogue on these and other questions. The members of the Language Working Group will bring linguistic and literary research perspectives into conversation with the perspectives of artists from various fields (especially visual arts and literature).

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