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Sound Installation "Ubiquity"


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KlanGalerie, Greifswalder Straße 224, 10405 Berlin

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The sound installation Ubiquity was developed by the sound artist and musicologist Miriam Akkermann (alumna of Die Junge Akademie) in collaboration with the programmer and composer Andre Bartetzki and the psychologist Eva Alisic (alumna of the Global Young Academy) as well as the psychologist and neuroscientist Philipp Kanske (alumnus of Die Junge Akademie). The starting point for the artistic work is a study on trauma processing in children by the psychologist Eva Alisic from the University of Melbourne. Aspects of the study are brought to life sonically on 18 Plexiglas panels equipped with transducers.

In Berlin, Ubiquity can be heard daily from 1-12 December 2021 at the KlanGalerie from 3pm-8pm (Fri-Sun until 10pm). Admission is free (2G rule). The number of visitors is limited, so there may be waiting times.

The installation was first shown together with the scientific symposium "Ubiquity - New Perspectives on Experienced Traumas" in November 2019 in Dresden (Blaue Fabrik); in December 2019 the installation was shown in Melbourne (DAX Gallery).

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