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  • CANCELLED: diejungeakademie@ Grassimuseum

CANCELLED: diejungeakademie@ Grassimuseum


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19:00 — 21:30

Grassimuseum, Johannisplatz 5-11, 04103 Leipzig

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Unfortunately the event is cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus. With this step we as a public institution are reacting to the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute to reduce social contacts in order to delay the further spread of the virus as much as possible. We hope to be able to make up for the event at a later date.

"Community" - Short films in discussion

Where do people feel at home? Who is part of the family? After the screening, the curators of the evening, Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck (director of the Berlinale Shorts and co-founder of the shorts/salon) and Isabel Schellinger (clinician-scientist at the University of Leipzig Medical Center and member of Die Junge Akademie) will explore these and other questions in a discussion with scientists and the audience.

To the films: The USA - home of the cowboys. But Don't fence me in is not set in the Wild West, but in Philadelphia, a large city in the east of the country. A hard place, marked by crime and poverty. But how can one escape the destructive pull of the streets? Young men keep horses here - an alternative way of life. The animals are more than a hobby, they are beloved family members and sense maker.

Vietnamese workers come to the GDR in Sorge 87 to work in the textile industry. After a short time, most of them leave the country again - but some stay, start families, build up their livelihoods. They create a new home for themselves, revitalize almost empty villages after the fall of the Wall. A German and a Vietnamese couple tell their story.

In Halmaspiel, too, it is sewing that forms the red thread of the story. The daughter tells of her parents' lives. About repression and perseverance. About losing and rebuilding. It is the story of a family, but also of a country.

A film set is glamorous and exciting - one thinks. But for the main character in die ruhe bleibt, only yawning boredom opens up. As an intern he has to close a street for the shoot, communication with the rest of the team is limited to occasional announcements from the walkie-talkie. Where are the others? And what am I actually doing here? Do I belong here? Silence is spreading.

Don’t fence me in Ann Sophie Lindström Germany 2014, 9 min. Englisch with German subtitles

Sorge 87 Thanh Nguyen Phuong Germany 2017, 10 min. German, Vietnamese with German subtitles

Halmaspiel Betina Kuntzsch Germany 2017, 15 min. German

die ruhe bleibt Stefan Kriekhaus Germany 2013, 14 min. German, French

Die Junge Akademie visits Grassimuseum as part of the event series diejungeakademie@ which is part of the 20th anniversary of the Academy. In the event series diejungeakademie@, the members of Die Junge Akademie will invite the public to take part in dialogue on scientific topics at locations outside of the usual scientific environment.The event will be held in German. Admission is free of charge. The minimum age for admission to the events is 18.

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      Andere Zeiten, andere Räume

      In 2024, the Berlin-Brandenburg Akademie of Sciences and Humanities will once again open its doors to the public and invite visitors to the Salon Sophie Charlotte. This year's event takes place on the topic of "Andere Zeiten, andere Räume" ('different times, different rooms'). The ten members of Die Junge Akademie who joined in the summer of 2023 will participate in the Salon with their own activity.


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      Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Markgrafenstr. 38, 10117 Berlin Room 230

    • Workshop „Künstler*innen über Kunst“ ('artists on art')

      Talking about art: For some artists, the linguistic construction of an artistic programme or an artistic position is an inherent part of their work. Others see it as a challenging communicative task to speak and write about their own art in professional contexts or in front of a critical audience. In addition to individual differences, there are also differences specific to art forms and media.

      The aim of this interdisciplinary workshop organised by the Working Group Language is to shed light on the broad field of artistic communication.


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