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Meeting of the European Young Academies


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In March, representatives of 17 European Young Academies met in Amsterdam at the invitation of the Dutch young academy.

A total of 17 European Young Academies - some of which are currently in the process of being founded - were represented by more than 35 participants at the largest meeting of all European Young Academies to date. De Jonge Akademie hosted the meeting in Amsterdam. Miriam Akkermann, member of Die Junge Akademie's Board, and Marion Schulte zu Berge, Managing Director, represented Die Junge Akademie.

In her welcoming speech, José van Dijck, President of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, emphasised the need for the Young Academies to make new perspectives accessible to traditional science academies. Each institution had the opportunity to present current topics and projects. In the process, certain focal points became clear that are being worked on at many Young Academies. In particular, there are currently a number of projects in the German Junge Akademie on the topics of academic freedom and career paths in science. "Learning how other Young Academies work, what topics are relevant and what project ideas there are is a great added value of these meetings," says member of the Board Miriam Akkermann. "In addition, the exchange also offers the opportunity to take an outside view of one's own institution."

On the initiative of the organisers, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals also found their way into the programme: the question of how the Young Academies can work together to achieve them was addressed by the participants in a panel discussion. In particular, possible cooperation projects were discussed.

"It is always helpful to exchange experiences in the work of Young Academies. In doing so, the younger ones can learn from the Young Academies that have already existed for a longer time. But we were also able to take away important food for thought the other way round," emphasises Marion Schulte zu Berge, the head of Die Junge Akademie's office, which was founded in 2000 as the first academy of Young Academics worldwide.

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