Statements on observation are subject to the principle of relativity which was postulated as early as the 17th century by Galilei.

The validity and meaning of these statements therefore can only be discussed in relation to an underlying perspective. As a consequence of the principle of relativity, a few fundamental questions arise, which have been answered in different contexts and at different times in very distinct ways.

  • Relation: How can different observer perspectives be correlated?
  • Evaluation: Which observer perspectives are equivalent and how can non-equivalent perspectives be evaluated?
  • Abstraction: What parts of observations are independent from the perspective, or, what parts can be described "absolutely"?


The RG Relativity organised two events: the international summer school and workshop "per.SPICE! Truth and Relativity of the Aesthetic" as well as the interdisciplinary conference "Moral Relativism".


The proceedings of these events organised by the RG Relativity are documented in two anthologies and a magazine article.

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