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  • Bedroht Entscheidungsfreiheit Gesundheit und Nachhaltigkeit?

Bedroht Entscheidungsfreiheit Gesundheit und Nachhaltigkeit?


Florian Steger (Hrsg.)
mentis Verlag, Münster 18.09.14
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    • Nutrition – On a Knife-Edge

      The Research Group ‘Sustainability’ has decided to focus more on the topic of food and agricultural practices.


      Tobias J. Erb (Hrsg.)


    • A look at challenges facing the agrifood system

      Members of Die Junge Akademie’s Research Group “Sustainability” have published a contribution to the debate on the food transition. Titled “Die Zukunft der Ernährung in Europa: Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven” [The Future of Food in Europe: Interdisciplinary Perspectives], the team of authors examines what it considers to be necessary changes in the agrifood system.


      Franziska Funke, Linus Mattauch, Thorsten Merl, Hermine Mitter, Viola Priesemann, Leonie Wenz, Anna Wiese

      Berlin 2023

      Bird's eye view of cultivated fields
    • Ennui and Ecstasy

      Time and our perception of time is the theme connecting the texts in the Dossier of this Junge Akademie Magazin (JAM) on Ennui and Ecstasy.


      Evelyn Runge (Hrsg.)