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Ten new members admitted to the Junge Akademie

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Sven Wang, Fabian Michl, Lisa Buchauer, Christian Neumeier, Christina Scharf-Janßen, Helen Ahner blicken in die Kamera und präsentieren ihre Mitgliedschaftsurkunden. Sie stehen vor der historischen Wand der Hörsaalruine der Charité.
v.l.n.r.: Sven Wang, Fabian Michl, Lisa Buchauer, Christian Neumeier, Christina Scharf-Janßen, Helen Ahner. Nicht im Bild: Niki Kilbertus, Kornelia Kończal, Hanna Pfeifer, Dominika Wylezalek Foto: Jenna Dallwitz

New perspectives and ideas for the next five years

On 22 June, the Junge Akademie accepted ten young scientists as new members at its annual ceremony. During their five-year membership, the new members have the opportunity to initiate interdisciplinary research projects and working groups or to participate in existing projects and groups, for example on the topics of climate change, science communication or engaged science. The 50 members of the Junge Akademie work and research together in numerous joint interdisciplinary initiatives and benefit from a constantly growing network of excellent scientists and artists. In addition to their research work, they have the opportunity to work together on formats at the interface of science, art and society and to contribute their ideas for shaping the science system.

The ten new members are

The ten members of the year 2024 were selected by the sponsoring academies of the Junge Akademie. The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities carry out the election in all even calendar years, in odd calendar years the members of the Junge Akademie select the new members.

Julia Gurol-Haller, chair of the board of the Junge Akademie, welcomes the new members: "We are looking forward to the interdisciplinary collaboration with the ten new members. Each and every one of them comes to the Junge Akademie with great ideas and we are excited to see what innovative formats we will develop together."

At the same time as the new members were admitted, the members of the year 2019 were bid farewell after five years of membership. As alumni, they continue to belong to the Junge Akademie network and can participate in the Academy's activities as guests.

The application phase for the 2025 election begins in September, with the prerequisite for membership being an outstanding doctorate or an outstanding artistic qualification. The date of the final examination of this work should be three to seven years ago (taking into account parental and caring leave). In addition, at least one other excellent academic work or artistic profile is expected. Applicants should enjoy interdisciplinary work for the joint projects and for helping to shape the academic system.

Further information on the application procedure and membership: diejungeakademie.de/en/mitglied-werden

More detailed information on all members of the Junge Akademie can be found at: diejungeakademie.de/en/members

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