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This interdisciplinary project brings together science and film for a creative debate by means of a film competition. It aims at making science and art beneficial for social discourse and at transmitting complex issues to a broader public.

The project was officially launched during the short film festival Interfilm in November 2015. The format as well as the website were presented in the Grüner Salon at Berlin’s Volksbuehne.

Until June 24, 2016 more than 400 films from all over the world were submitted to the festival. An international jury of scientists and filmmakers nominated 17 short films for the film forum on November 17/18th 2016 in the Deutschen Kinemathek Berlin. The audience award went to Denmark and was given to "Running through life" by Helene Moltke-Leth.

The supplementary Blog "Perspectives", which was launched in January 2016, presents different points of views, approaches and positions regarding "be a better being" among members and alumni of Die Junge Akademie, as well as among representatives of other scientific institutions.


The short film project “be a better being” was officially launched on November 12, 2015 during the Interfilm festival at the Gruener Salon in Berlin, where project partners, filmmakers and researchers came together.

Alumna Magdalena Nowicka and project coordinator Bobby Henzler presented the format and discussed it with Anna Henckel Donnersmarck.


In the beginning of September 2016 ZeitOnline invited 500 young visionaers to the festival z2x. During workshops and lectures those young people discussed their ideas for a better future and better society.

"Be a better being" was present during the festival with a workshop on "What does it mean to be a better person". Alumna Evelyn Runge, the film maker Florian Heinzen-Ziob and Philipp Kanske discussed with Anna Henckel Donnersmarck and the workshop participants their scientific and artists perspective on the topic.

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The foundation "Commerzbank-Stiftung" supports be a better being as a outstanding project in the field of science which connects science, film and society on an international level.

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