ENYA 2024

2024 European Young Academies Meeting

ENYA 2024

In 2024, Die Junge Akademie is organising the European Young Academies Meeting in Berlin together with the Global Young Academy. The meeting will take place 22-23 May 2024 under the theme "Young Academy Collaboration in a Dynamic Geopolitical Landscape". At the same time as the ENYA Meeting, the ALLEA General Assembly 2024 will be held. Joint exchange and discussion events will strengthen and expand the connection between members of both networks.

Programme & Registration

Please be aware that the ENYA meeting is open to Young Academy delegates only. We invite every ENYA Young Academy to delegate up to two member representatives and up to one staff person for the meeting. Young academy initiatives are welcome to register one person. If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact Alexandra Heidle-Chhatwani via heidle-chhatwani@diejungeakademie.de.

The formal event will take place from May 22-23 and has several parts that you can register for:

  • 22 May, 9am-1pm: ENYA meeting for ENYA delegates
  • 22 May, 2pm-4.30pm: ALLEA-ENYA Joint program (break-out sessions)
  • 22 May, 6.30pm-8.30pm: Public Symposium “European Research Collaboration in a Shifting Geopolitical Landscape”
  • 22 May, 8.30pm-10pm: Reception
  • 23 May, 9am-12.30pm: SAPEA Workshop “Cooperation between Academies in scientific advice”, kindly hosted by ALLEA
  • 23 May, 1.30pm-5pm: SAPEA Workhop “Achieving diversity, inclusiveness and the involvement of Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCRs) in scientific advice”, kindly hosted by YASAS

Please register here via the ALLEA registration website: https://www.alleageneralassembly.org/registration

For all who arrive early and are open for spending time with us, please register for the informal and optional get together at the evening of the 21st of May.

Programme for download

YASAS General Meeting

Please be informed that there will be a YASAS General meeting on the 21st of May which is open for YASAS delegates and YASAS observers only. Registration is possible via the ALLEA registration website.

  • 21 May, 2pm-5pm: YASAS General meeting for YASAS delegates only at BBAW conference room 1.